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remnants from my summer throwing class

i love working in ceramics. i can't say it's my forte, but the medium, the method, can be very soothing to me. but of course that doesn't encompass all the heartbreak that can occur when your glaze doesn't turn out right, or you get a crack, or your piece explodes in the kiln. oh well...i still enjoy these pieces, they are the survivors of this summer :)

i took as many ceramics classes as I could during my undergrad, and i'm so glad i did.

bud "bowls", ceramics, thrown and manipulated, 2009

bud "cups", ceramics, thrown and manipulated, 2009

i know something is missing, thrown and manipulated, ceramics, 2009

i really loved this piece in its entirety...i meticulously attended to it so it would dry properly for 2 weeks...but it exploded anyway. I glazed the pieces even after the explosion, they're still pretty :)

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