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there was a crowd of seeds

for the past week I've been using all my spare time to get into the metalshop at OCAD. welding has become easier for me now :) we had to create a model for an installation that will be going up in december. this one is about 19" high, and the final will be about double the size.

"there was a crowd of seeds is a work about hindered growth. how growth should be fostered, appreciated, exclaimed, and how there is no need to spread out and push down.

there are times when one can feel as if they have no room to grow, to breathe, to be – when one has lost their sense of place. i'm using the concept of aggressive plants to symbolically depict a person who has no room to flourish."

can you see the small, spindly, wilting flower in their midst that is unable to receive its own share of light?

the bottom photo is a visualization of the piece in its intended space.

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