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a book smuggler

so you may not know this...but i am a book addict. i was reading the blog of the book smugglers the other day to look up a review of a wonderful book i've read and i realized i've been utilizing similar techniques to them. while the book smugglers get large amounts of books shipped to work and smuggle them home bit by bit, i instead buy an absurd amount of books over time and when i get home i carefully tuck them into my ever-growing pile. it wasn't overly noticeable at first, but now the only shelf i was allotted for my books has filled up, and i have had to put them anywhere i can squeeze my wardrobe, my window sill, my locker, under my bed. it's getting pretty ridiculous.

now i have tons and tons of books waiting to be read because i buy faster than i read (and i read pretty fast). where will i put my new books now? Chapters keeps having sales, which only encourages my spending.

this lovely image comes from a fellow flickr member and follows my line of thought exactly.

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