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classes and openings

well i said that i would talk about my enamelling class. i was waiting until i could scan in my sample but i'm so swamped i can't even do that. but what else is new?

anyways, i love enamelling. it's so bright and colourful - aspects that i need to incorporate into my work somehow since my pieces tend to be dark.

my Rhino class is pretty tedious at the moment, but i am learning a lot. i think i'm gonna spend a good chunk of tomorrow doing some tutorials.

and i went to the opening of It's a Big Deal and Labourious at Harbourfront the other day. it was so great! but that's not surprising. i tend to follow some of the artists who were exhibiting there, they have so much artistic freedom with the help of Harbourfront's Artist-in-Residence program, so their work is continuously fantastic.

seeing their work in person makes me realize that i need to make new work...pronto.

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