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it's done!

so this is what has been plaguing my life for about 6 weeks now. every spare second was spent drawing and manipulating and joining (way harder than you can even imagine) these tedious lines to make this hammer 3D printable compatible for my small object design class. will i 3D print this hammer? no.

but now i have some skills to design crazy complicated jewellery that can be machine printed in wax, and then cast into silver.

learning rhino is arguably one of the hardest things i have done in my artistic career...and i have done some hard things (like making this 6 different times until it was just right, or my chair/storage compartment made up of over 300 pieces of wood).

at first making a line go where i wanted it to in 3D space was so frustrating i wanted to drop the course. but i'm glad i stuck it out, now i have a new skill :)

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