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small object design

my rhino class is over now, but that doesn't mean the work is done.

end of term is really crazy at OCAD, especially in the rapid prototyping centre. one of the MJM printers chose last week to implode (or something like that) and successfully messed up the lead times for everyone's assignments.

since my piece is so small and delicate it should have taken about two hours to 3D print in wax. i had to wait a week.

so i finally got my rapid prototyped ring back, and i was very pleased. the detail that can come out of those printers is amazing. andree wejsmann was one of our guest critics and she asked me if i would rather do this piece again in metal or through rhino and i wholeheartedly said in metal. (by that point, i felt like my eyes were going to fall out of my head from working on the computer so much) but when i got the piece back i realized that i could never do that in metal, the detail was so fine, that not even jewellers saws could cut lines that thin.

tomorrow my piece is being sent to the casting house, and i'm excited to see it in sterling silver :)


these are crappy photos, but it was so hard to photograph because the detail is too tiny, and the material is transparent-ish.

jesse jackson was our instructor (no, not the singer). he's an architect and liked to see our work documented in a similar manner to his critiques from grad school. so, i also had to do line drawings and renderings using illustrator and flamingo - programs i had very little or no experience in. (it is very hard to learn flamingo in a day by the way). so i basically learned 3 programs in 12 weeks, crazy.

here are my efforts.

(my computer skills are getting better...though i'm sure i'll never be a pro).

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