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enter ocad: some material art and design highlights

as usual, OCAD had way too much to see at its annual grad show. just to see the thesis work of my friends took up almost all the time i had to sight-see.

here are some of the material art and design 2010 thesis students whose work deserves mentioning:

Homa Esmaili's Round Squares was a fan favourite. Her guestbook proves it with both inappropiate and appreciative comments. inspired by her interactions with men, she broke them down into some common stereotypes that were both witty and intriguing.

and some detail shots:

 i love love love Caroline Yu's bearded porcelain cups that were featured in the material art and design sale. why didn't i buy them...

Iris Cho's cutlery about selective eating disorders was also great to see. she had a video on display as well showing people trying and failing to use her utensils. the many-hinged knife, fork and spoon set was particularly funny to watch.


Sachiko Burgin's Entwined jewellery series about twinship was another great display with interesting pieces. both her and her twin sister are extremely talented and will be a force to reckon with should they ever team up. Sachiko's display is the kind that I wanted for my own work, too bad it wouldn't have really worked.

and how could i not mention my friend Jon Riosa? his wearable sculptures on restriction were so dynamic that his guestbook was full of outrage that he didn't win the medal.

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