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some good and bad

i had some technical problems with my kiln today leaving me extremely frustrated. hopefully it gets resolved soon.

i felt better when i found my transitional cocoon was uploaded to this site. as well as when i found some of my work on flickrhivemind - which is apparently also known as a place for "the world's best photos."

the very first cocoon i made from my first year in jewellery was included in the set "the world's best photos of sterling silver and thread." though, the photo itself is awful. this was long before i knew how to document my work properly.

and my labyrinth bun cage, aka "sometimes goodbye's the only way," "jack's spoon," my rollercoaster earring, and my leaf knife were all included in the set "the world's best photos of design and metalsmithing."

i'm not sure who curated these sets but thank you for including me in them :)

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