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the militarized mind

i saw inception the day after it came out. ever since i heard about it, i was SO excited to see it in the theatre. and not just because christopher nolan is visionary and thought provoking but more specifically because the film revolves around intrusions of the mind.

some of you may know that my thesis work revolved around secrets and the walls that accompany their keeping. i liked working with this concept because the barriers i created were initially intangible. i gave them form in my wearable sculptures.

this movie resonates with me because there were instances in this movie that depicted the militarized mind and how the subconscious reacts to intrusion. it was amazing to see.

i knew during my thesis year at OCAD that i wouldn't stop my series on secrets with graduation, that it would be an idea that would change and grow. i'm working on some new ideas now...i'm really excited about where it will go.

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