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purple mania

so i've been pretty hard at work for the past while trying to make new jewellery for cabbagetown. i try to spend a  whole day, 2-3 days a week enameling. and the rest of the time i spend making fabric pieces, or going down to the OCAD studio to do torch/prep work for pieces that are either silver, or will be enameled.

i also try to work on my commissions, or you know - sit down and relax for more than five minutes.

after reviewing what jewellery i had in my inventory, i realized that i didn't have any purple pieces at the outdoor show. i found this weird since i have quite a few shades of purple in powdered enamel form.

i think i wasn't especially fond of the shades when i was first doing my colour samples, but i've grown to like them after playing around and discovering how they react in the kiln. the orchid purple on the cocoon with the black spots was particularly problematic when i first tried it out. it didn't work well in small details (like in my lace pendants), but it's good when it covers a larger area.

these pieces are all pendants - except the fabric pin.

i've started making my pins with opaque material. while i was helping my parents move out i found this fabric from an old fashion project i was making in high school. it pays to be a pack rack when you're an artist, you never know when a material is going to come in handy.

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