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square foot show

this year i'll be participating in the 8th Annual Square Foot Show at AWOL gallery for the second time. there are over 1000 pieces with hundreds of artists. it's a HUGE show full of work from artists of all backgrounds and levels. the only real criteria was that the submitted piece was a 12"x12" square.

i decided to do some embroidery to give me a slight break from my metal work. though, it wasn't really a break since embroidery is quite labourious. a good thing about embroidery though is that you can do it in bed. i wasn't feeling well this past week, but at least that didn't stop me from doing something creative.

here are some detail shots of my piece entitled something pulls. come to the show and try to spot my work. all the pieces are on sale for $225. the public opening is on the 21st at 100A Ossington Avenue.

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