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other vendors

so last weekend was my first time at Cabbagetown as both an exhibitor and a patron, so it was a new experience all around.

a big difference from the Outdoor Show is all the food vendors. there were so many places to  taste relishes, dips, and desserts. Christy's Crunch had these to-die-for white chocolate/cranberry/cookie/toffee/almond bars that i can't stop thinking about. thankfully they'll be exhibiting at the One of a Kind Show in December, but unfortunately i was too slow and they were all sold out before i could grab a bag.

another exhibitor that i was really fond of was Rebecca Caulford of honeybea designhive. she had a booth full of wonderful handmade purses made from repurposed materials and lovely accents such as small wooden plates/bowls/tree slices that made very unique overlarge buttons.

her braided strap market totes really stuck out to me because they reminded me of my fan necklaces.

i think i'll grab a purse from her at the One of a Kind Show...:)

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