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changing your routines

so...i also create baked goods...sometimes. i'm trying to get into more routines lately since they keep me focused.

i really try to advocate a balanced lifestyle, especially to the other makers i know.

during my first semester of my thesis year at OCAD i became so driven about my work that i was never relaxed - and always tense. i wasn't eating well or giving myself any time to wind down. i was prone to injury because i was overworking my body. sometimes my eyes would twitch for days because i wasn't getting enough sleep. it was all work, work, work, and no play.

after speaking to my advisors at end of term, i realized that they were happy about my progress but worried about me.

with their advice, i started heading home from the studio at a decent time, gave myself breaks in between long work sessions, and started doing a weekly yoga class.

these little changes may not seem like much, but they kept me from burning out.

and then i realized, that this kind of attitude would let me stay in this field. i could stay sane, healthy, and uninjured. i could become inspired by life, instead of dogged down by stress. i could enjoy the process of making alongside all the other great things in my life that i thought i had no time for, but actually did.

who knew?

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