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from the casting house

here's the ring fresh out of the casting house. the white film is the fine silver that rose to the surface during the casting process. and that blob on the side was once a pathway that allowed the molten metal to flow and create this piece from the wax model i created.

casting can be unpredictable at times. casting into sterling silver from wax can cause the piece to shrink from around 5-13%. when you're casting a ring, that can be a change from it fitting perfectly, to it being too tight to get over your knuckle. so i designed the ring to fit him perfectly, so that it would shrink and be slightly small. with clean up and polishing you remove material, which should've made the ring fit, but for some reason it seems that the ring expanded rather than contracted. it came out about a quarter size too large. i've resized it and cleaned it up. more pictures soon.

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