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the front and back

since the silent auction was last week i guess i can show you all this now.

while i knew that embroidery took a LONG time, i still felt compelled to do it. though, the last three days of embroidering were torturous. i hate working until the last minute. i try to always leave at least one day before the deadline so i can sleep peacefully.

however, the Whodunit? committee gave us a deadline extension, and i foolishly decided to double the amount of elements to my composition which resulted with hours upon hours of embroidering.

this piece (though this is the unfinished version), it won't ever change if you want it to stay the same is another in my lichen series.

i started using lichens for a conceptual project at OCAD. My paper lichen pins revolved around the idea of emotional baggage, and how it can envelop a person. later i made some out of sterling silver for earrings and pendants.

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