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whodunit? mystery art sale

this year is the second year that i've decided to participate in OCAD's annual Whodunit? show which consists of "mystery art by the famous and soon-to-be famous." the mystery is that you don't know who the artist is unless you buy the piece since the signature is on the back or bottom of the work.

(image via blogto)

last year i submitted these two pieces. i enjoyed making the flower forms since i got to use the pottery wheel before i hand tweaked them [i miss ceramics :(]

i go out of my way to do this show because all the money raised from the work benefits OCAD's programs and allows them to have new technology and improved facilities.

i'm really indebted to the school since i've been inspired, educated, employed, and awarded there. so i'm pretty sure that i'm going to keep participating each year as long as i'm able.

i just received an email that my piece has been selected by the curators to be part of the live auction that will take place at the gala preview at OCAD on November 17th. exciting! the gala preview celebrates the work of emerging artists who are exclusively OCAD graduates.

and instead of being the standard $75, my piece will be sold to the highest bidder.

i hope whoever buys it will love it :)

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