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i visited the handmade well made show a little while ago since Jon had work in there and we always try to go to openings together.

here's my friend Jo in front of her silk yardage. i liked hers (the green one) and the beetle one beside it the best. this piece is dedicated to her brother. she dyed the silk, printed her design using screenprinting ink, and then painted it with weak acid dyes. the pictures don't really do it justice.

i also really liked this piece, i don't know who did it though since the signage was in alphabetical order rather than the order of the pieces. i like the flow and organic nature of silk painting and i found it interesting that beetles were used for the dye. they kind of transition into colourless-ness as they go into the coloured areas. i think i want a scarf from Jo's fabric, time for another trade! 

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