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hot, Hot, HOT!

i'm always glad to see when someone appreciates my work. sometimes the artist is a little removed from that process when someone else is selling their work for them. when that happens you don't get to see the excitement the customer has for the piece or hear what they like best about the design.

i like etsy because it's so fast and easy for people to share the fact that they appreciate your work. this is also why i like doing the art/craft shows. i like to meet the people who are going to wear my work, or hear them tell me that it's just perfect for a certain outfit of the person they're giving it to.

being part of etsy gives me the chance to let people from all over the world see my work, and in turn i get to see some great handmade goodies from everyone else.

this hot, Hot, HOT! treasury was compiled by CoquetteBath and includes my fire red fan necklace. she made it to combat the cold.

1 comment:

Samantha said...

Wow! Great job Amanda and welcome to Etsy. It's a great site to be a part of!