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setting lapis lazulis

it is SO cold in Toronto. who knew i'd have to wear two pairs of pants and two pairs of socks just so i wouldn't freeze to death? argh.

anyway, i was working on setting these lapis lazuli stones for Robin recently and as per usual, i had to do it slightly differently than i had been taught. at OCAD we had this gooey stuff called protoplast that let us keep tiny things securely in place, but at the gallery i had to use this pin vice to hold the earrings semi securely while i set them with a stone pusher.


i really don't like setting stones, it just may be one of the things i like least about jewellery. it takes a lot of patience and they can easily look pretty crappy, and there is always the possibility of you scratching or cracking the stone.

however, i ironically own a TON of stones that i keep telling myself that i'll set someday.

let's see how that goes. 

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