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stainless steel workshop

i was very fortunate to have the opportunity to attend a Stainless Steel Fabrication workshop with Shao-Pin Chu this past sunday. he was a guest speaker at OCAD three years ago and no one has forgotten him since then. his work is impeccable and his sense of craftsmanship is amazing. he also has a beautiful studio space that is insanely clean (for a craftsperson).

look at his bench, everything is so organized! remember mine? no comparison.

and here's his soldering station.

i'm so glad i got to know him since he is so knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge. i learned so much in this one day class.

he was showing us this piece, and we were already amazed at some of the components that he employs in simple things like catches and then he held it by the bottom and twisted. i swear our mouths dropped open when it started spinning quickly and smoothly. it was unreal. to put it in one of my classmates words "it just doesn't stop!" - not the spinning, but his greatness. lol.

he's continuing to run all kinds of workshops at his studio, and i hope to take another one soon. it was such a good experience. 

you should check out his website, besides being a jeweller, he is also an industrial designer as well as a furniture designer.

he told us that this chair here took him 10 days, 14 hours a day just to hand finish the legs. that is craftsmanship like no other.

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