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going to school at OCAD was kind of like living in a bubble. but only in the sense that when you come in all you do and know is art/design related. i got used to the point where i would leave for school in the morning at 7 am and come back around 11pm. long days where there was no sunlight and very little news of the outside world.

i have a similar schedule now, so i heard very little news about Japan, since my news intake consists of small tidbits from CP24 while I wait for the train. 

i actually had time to sit and watch CBC last night and the images i saw were unreal.

my heart and prayers go out to the people in Japan.

i can't even really articulate what i'm feeling about what they're going through. one thing that freaks me out though, is that i live very close to a nuclear power plant 10 km away. sigh.

at the same time, hearing about this kind of thing makes me think about how blessed i am. it's very bittersweet, but most things are i guess.

on a side note, i recently learned about radiolarians and am very visually inspired by their forms. these images are making me itch to make some new jewellery pieces.

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