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the useless days

"the useless days will add up to something.
the shitty waitressing jobs.
the hours writing in your journal.
the long meandering walks.
the hours reading poetry 
and story collections 
and novels 
and dead people's diaries...
these things are your becoming."

there is a lot of process work involved in being a maker. it is more than just the doing - it is also the observing, the analyzing, the reading and writing - the living of life. my latest sketchbook mostly consists of writing. i've been spending a lot of time distilling my thoughts, honing in on ideas, pin pointing what it is i really want to capture. it is a process that is crucial to my work.

it is both easy and hard - it's easy in that writing introspectively is something i've been doing ever since i bought my first diary when i was 8. it's hard in that i may have ample time to be in the studio, but my idea isn't finalized - leaving me frustrated and unable to start that particular project. 

to some people it may seem like if you're not physically making something then you're not actually creating, but it's not true. jotting down wisps of ideas, being moved by films, relishing in beautiful moments - these are all part of the process.

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