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thanks mom!

i hope everyone has a great Mother's Day today.

it's not easy for some parents to be supportive of their child being in the arts - but my mom has been one of my greatest and most vocal supporters. she has faith in me even when i'm weary of believing in myself. she won't let me get discouraged, and she is a huge reason why i'm still doing what i love.
so thanks for all your love mama :D

this week has been kind of crazy. you can now purchase my jewellery at The Devil's Workshop in Toronto and i'm very excited to see my work in their display cases once it's all set up - they have a nice open showroom with a lot of natural light. thanks Sarah and Shawna for inviting me!

there are many instances where i find that i work on a piece until it's about 95% done, and then leave the tedious bits unfinished til the last possible second - so i spent a few days enameling unfinished/broken pieces, soldering jump rings, sewing, doing repairs, and adding/shortening chains.

i was originally going to leave this piece in mint green but i was moving stuff around, dropped it on the floor, and promptly ran over it with my chair. after i filled in the cracks, i decided to add a sprinkling of butter yellow at the top - i'm more happy with it now and i think it became a happy accident in the end.

i also started a new job and managed to sprain my thumb - one of a jeweller's worst horrors. so instead of working on jewellery for the next few days i think i'll ice my hand and find non strenuous things to do - like breathe and watch movies :p

have a wonderful day readers!

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