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so my week has been pretty hectic. i was busy working, helping out my friends who were participating in the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition by running errands and setting up, made up some new necklaces, taught my advanced jewellery class, and went to two weddings. i basically spent all of yesterday in a half dazed/half recuperating state.

i was so proud of my friend Jon - his work looked super fab, and he got a lot of positive responses.
i really liked how he decided to suspend two of his pieces with fishing line. they were much more dynamic displayed in that way. in school, how we displayed our work was always emphasized since a clean and professional display can make a world of difference

my other friend Theresa Duong received Honourable Mention in the student category. she totally deserved it. i've known her for a few years now and her work is always well executed. it's so refreshing to see what she's up to.

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