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advanced class

i really do like teaching at Organic Metal Gallery. there's something very satisfying about seeing a student set goals for themselves, work through their problems, and come out with a finished product. Megan was such a great student - she was excited, hardworking, and ready to take on difficult jobs.

she tried her hand at some cloisonne, making these two christmas ornaments in just one class. she purposely matched up the red of the one dove with the red in the heart of the other. so cute!

and then she worked on creating a hinged locket, which i find a very challenging project for someone who had only been experimenting with jewellery for such a short time. hinges are very difficult to make. all kinds of things can go wrong in the process of soldering them on. and soldering them on neatly is even harder. while these hinges are not perfect, the fact that they're on at all is more than admirable.

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