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the dark and hollow places

"there's a difference between the possibility of hope,
the idea of things that we can never know
and the starkness of reality.
the w e i g h t of knowledge."

"something tugs on each syllable
making his words h e a v y."

"i can't hear the words he speaks to her...
but i can feel the w e i g h t of them.
like they fill my hollow chest and drag me down"

 "the lightness i felt earlier solidifies
into something dense
as panic teases my mind."

"inside wells a want so fierce
that it threatens to consume me."

 - the dark and hollow places by carrie ryan

i've mentioned before that i love dystopian novels. in them, decisions have more weight. they can mean life or death. sometimes i think the things we worry about seem so futile, so removed from what is really important in life. our problems are first world problems. 

i like reading these kinds of novels because the core of all the decisions tend to resonate with the character. when there is a sacrifice, it is for something greater than their self. it is for love, for strength, for hope for a better future.

there is weight in their words and in their actions. 

and i gobble it up because i've been tired of empty words for a long time.

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Brasil said...

I truly loved the moments I spent being apart of the world Carrie created. With The Dark and Hollow Place I had a few of those "ah ha" moments when Carrie ties together her previous two story lines, and adds them to this story's deliciously twisted plot. And oh what an ending! It's biter sweet, hopeful, and exactly how a series should end. If you have not picked up Carrie's series.