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enamel in jewellery, enamel in teeth

I'm halfway through my fourth semester of Dental Technology at GBC and it's a busy one. It's our first semester working with porcelain for our restorations and it's challenging like all things in this program are. 

Luckily for me my enameling work is very similar in some ways. 

Like in enamel jewellery, creating a porcelain tooth is very technique and time sensitive. You need a steady hand, you have to balance things in precarious manners, and you can either be pleasantly surprised or horribly devastated upon opening the kiln.

Like in jewellery, you can open the kiln and find that your piece fell off it's stand and is now in a pool of enamel material.

Like in jewellery, you can pop in a piece covered with powder that is delicate and hard to handle, but in the end becomes a glossy, weighty piece that is better than you imagined. 

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