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it's a small world

i finally got the newest awards and scholarships pamphlet from the ontario crafts council.

i'm lucky to share this little publication with some very talented, award winning artists.

michelle mendlowitz is on the cover, then from left to right its alain belanger, daryl ferrette, julie moon, (they forgot to cite the next one, but i think its tiana roebuck), me :D, and then annie tung.

we all had a show together with the other winners last year but it's funny how small the art/craft/design world can be. especially when many of its artisans started out their careers at my school.

michelle was my ceramics technician at OCAD when I was learning mouldmaking, she also helped me learn how to use the pottery wheel :) julie's work is ah-mazing. i especially love her new masters sculptures. they're so whimsical - modern and retro at the same time. she used to be OCAD's cashier while she made beautiful ceramic sculptures at night. me and jon used to harass her for our paycheques every week. and finally, i am also a great admirer of annie's beautifully haunting work - i have been ever since I saw her thesis work at OCAD's annual grad show when i was just starting to delve into jewellery.

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