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one of a kind spring show

so you may have already read that i'll have some work in the one of a kind spring show this year (march 31st - april 4th). this is a reminder to come and visit!

i cannot stress how great this show is. my fingers constantly twitch for my wallet as i peruse the endless aisles. the colourful pieces in the top left of the photo are from my friend and harbourfront resident shu-yu lu. i don't think she can make work that's not cute. it's just not possible.

this year OCAD is less focused on selling work and more focused on representing quality and innovative craftsmanship. if that interests you at all, i hope to see you there! our booth is E-20 and i'll personally be there on saturday april 3rd from 10 am - 3 pm.

today i'm helping set up the booth that only came together from a A LOT of hard work. we've been putting it together non stop since two saturday's ago to create a very gallery like set up. i'm should be too!

check out my news page for more info on the show.

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