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a busy week

this week has been very tiring, but also very productive. 

i tried indoor rock climbing for the first time on sunday with some old friends. it was really fun and made my upper back really sore for a couple days afterward. my friends complained of having sore fingers, but mine were fine. at least being a jeweller gives you strong hands! here's one of them climbing to the top of the 60ft wall. i was surprised when i grabbed that top rock myself.

then on monday i was off to teach art with my friend Connie. this week the kids worked with pastels. Clinton Public School has a really good art program for kids - a program i wish i had when i was their age. the parents are extremely supportive of the arts and consistently organize fundraisers to keep the program active as well as art nights to keep the work appreciated. i was astonished to find that some of the kids are learning silk screening, paper making and ceramics - things that i learned at OCAD for $500 a class.

on monday's and wednesday's this summer i'm the class assistant to Gillian Batcher's casting class. it's really good to have her as part of our faculty. George Brown tends to teach jewellery a bit differently and more intensively than OCAD, so whenever we get an instructor who was educated there we tend to happily learn more tricks of the trade. i've already learned a couple of things i didn't know about casting just from assisting her for two classes.

on wednesday and thursday i went to yoga (i really needed that). and then i spent part of monday, wednesday and friday, as well as all of tuesday and thursday sawing, filing, and forming some of the jewellery i plan to have for the toronto outdoor art exhibition (exciting and tedious).

i also ran some errands, went chain shopping, and had a mini meeting with a friend i'm entering a european design competition with in august.

i am pooped.

but i still have to go to a family gathering and spend the rest of the weekend enameling.

someone get me a coffee :)

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