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i hadn't initially meant to sell some of my more sculptural pieces at the Outdoor Show but i had some very enthusiastic patrons who convinced me that they needed to have my work in their life.

because i didn't expect to sell those pieces, i didn't even bother to price them or even consider a price in my mind.

but i'm very happy to have met these admirers of my work. they have been so sweet and they remind me of why i'm in this field - of why it's worthwhile to do what you love.

this fertility charm is a sculptural pendant that was made in my casting class during my first year of jewellery at OCAD. i had painstakingly carved out the form in wax, cast it in bronze, cleaned it up for a week for my critique, and then two days before it was due had it stolen :(

i quickly had to make a new piece, and this time i had to do it in brass. though, when i had it at the Outdoor Show, i had taken off the dark patina (colouring) and left it a nice satin finish where you could see the shine of the brass.

this piece now has a new home with a very lovely lady.

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