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TOAE is over!

thanks so much to everyone who came to my booth at the Outdoor Show. it was amazing to hear all the positive feedback and everyone's plans to colour co-ordinate their outfits to my jewellery :p

a special thanks to Jon, Jay, Warren, Yoon, Sherif, Joyce, Maha, and my parents for being so helpful, patient, and hardworking. i couldn't have done it without you guys.

it was a really great (though exhausting) experience and i'm looking forward to participating again in the future. one of the good things about the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition is how much it can lead to other things in your career. for some it means commissions, or getting picked up by galleries or being asked to participate in shows.

i did get a few commissions that i've already started working on now. but i've also been pre-approved to participate in some upcoming shows such as the Cabbagetown Arts and Crafts Sale which is happening in September. i'm going to keep trying to make new designs and play with more colours in my enamel work - so get ready to see more of me and my jewellery soon. i told myself i'd have at least have two days to rest...but then i found myself in the studio the day after anyway! i just can't stay away!

i was really fortunate to have had my booth moved to underneath the bridge area in City Hall. because of this i was able to get a nice corner space as well as a good mix of shade and sunlight. it also sheltered me from the insane rainfall that plagued us during set up. i basically set up my booth looking like a wet cat.

but it was done with much help and i'm happy with the results.

here's my three cases...colour coordinated of course! i had more red enameled pieces but they sold out so quickly.

this show was so busy that i barely had time to see any other booths. i had limited myself to the top 15 i wanted to check out, but i'm pretty sure i only saw 5, and only because they were on the way to the restrooms.

for some reason all my set up pictures were taken with my dad's you can't see us looking all frazzled and rushed. but here's one of my friend Nini, hurriedly setting up her own booth which was only two down from mine.

thanks again to everyone who came by, it was lovely meeting you all.

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