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a rainy day set up

this long weekend i visited my parents to help them move into their new place. while i was there i was also able to grab my set up photos from the outdoor show from my dad's computer...after a month.

if you recall, the first day of the show was pouring like there was no tomorrow. this made for an extremely unpleasant time unloading my stuff off of Bay street. the police gave us a ten minute limit to unload from our cars, but it was kind of hard to manage since we also had to simultaneously make sure my displays/work/frames/etc remained dry (almost an impossibility).

another problem i encountered was that they moved my booth around without telling me. so i had to hop around in the rain for about 20 minutes trying to find out where i was supposed to set up (allowing my display to soak up even more rain). i was booth 703, but the booths were laid out as 701, 702, 713, 714...which  made absolutely no sense. a good note was that they ended up moving me to a corner booth that was underneath a sheltered area - protecting my visitors and i from most of the downpour.

there's nothing like teamwork.

here is part of "team amanda" on their smoke break. i think jon is scared that i'm going to ask him to do some more heavy lifting.

here is one of our much deserved food breaks across from my booth...didn't want to stray too far!

so much work goes into these shows and i have to do it all over again for Cabbagetown next month. eee!

if you forgot what my booth looked like all done and without the rain you can look at this post again.

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