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another countdown

the Cabbagetown Arts and Crafts Sale is only 3 days away. thankfully i'm not as frazzled as I was for the Outdoor Show. things are coming together and i have quite a few more pieces than last time including new sterling silver earrings and necklaces, flower pins in new colours, enameled earrings, and of course, just more enameled stuff in general.

using my kiln in Organic Metal Gallery is great since i don't have to compete with the wind like I had to on my apartment balcony. i also don't have to deal with mosquitoes. i'm still getting used to the space, but i'm sure i'll settle in nicely.

i hope to see some of you faithful readers at the show. It's in Riverdale Park, Toronto - just south of Broadview station September 10th-12th.

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