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thanks to everyone for coming out and visiting me and my fellow "OCAD row" members at the Cabbagetown Arts and Crafts Sale. it was nice meeting you all :)

i was fortunate to be situated beside my very talented friends/old classmates Caroline Yu and Shuyu Lu. you may remember me mentioning Caroline before when I wrote about how much i was in love with her beard cups. this time i was able to do some tradesies and snag two - one with a green beard, and one with a blue beard. i also took one of Shuyu's adorable --- well who knows what they are really (maybe i should ask her), but if you keep up to date with the art/craft world at all, you'll recognize them. they are adorable, and also double nicely as a pillow. i got a pink one like the one in the top left, but about the size of the blue one here.

i love having and trading work from my colleagues. i still sleep with a lovely pillow my friend Steph Su designed and silkscreened over a year ago. they're not just beautiful things, they're made with a love of craft that makes them hard to stay away from.

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