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etching process

i've been working on a commission to make three pendants which are traditionally given to Arab infants.

Mitzi wanted a pillow like shape with a type of framing and Arabic text filled with coloured resin on each side. Because of the raised and recessed areas, I had to do the etching twice.

 I don't particularly enjoy etching since it can be so toxic and finicky, but it can do things you can't really do by hand. the blue paper here has the area that won't be etched away by acid in black. then the black image is attached to the metal through heat. 

another way to resist the acid is through nail polish and duct tape. 

here are the components sitting in their acid bath on my balcony. they've been in for 13 hours already - i'll show you all more pictures as the process goes on. the parts with the silver exposed are being slowly removed through a ferric nitrate solution.

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