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more process work

so my etchings turned out pretty well after sitting in the acid bath for so long. ideally i would have had a more concentrated solution, but someone accidentally threw out most of my acid before i could stop them. you can refer to my last post if you're confused about what project i'm talking about.

after heating up the metal to soften it, i used a pipe and hammered it into the back of the silver in this mold to uniformly curve the piece.

by wrapping steel wire around the pieces to be soldered, it almost guarantees that the pieces won't move and will solder properly.

there goes the sides and the bale for the chain to go through.

then i filed off the excess on the sides and did a general cleaning and polishing know...the usual.

as of today, the finished pieces will be on a plane to Egypt to be given to their new owners.

i miss not having the studio spaces of OCAD. it used to be so much simpler and safer to do all these different processes. but this commission was a good experience. i'm glad they're done, the very tight deadline was stressing me out!

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