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get togethers

(image via Sgt. Splatters)

i tried paintball for the first time yesterday to celebrate my birthday. me and my friends were really intimidated at first by the huge guys with machine gun style paintball guns and camo gear. but we were able to have a really good time and actually managed to take out some of the other team (though i do have a welt on my stomach from being shot  viciously and repeatedly for coming out from my hiding place too early).

for every one of our birthdays we try to do something (preferably new and) active as well as go out for some kind of cultural food. so this year we did paintball/Japanese, and last year we did ice skating/Malaysian and rock climbing/Vietnamese to name a few.

we were trying to come up with stuff for our next get togethers - kayaking, roller skating, cooking classes, dragon boating, tennis, volleyball, hiking, zip lining, snowboarding, and parasailing were some of them. i'm excited.

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