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from earrings to pins

so i got another little project from Maha because she was so in love with the scarf pin i made for her before.

she owns quite a few pairs of earrings but doesn't wear them anymore since she now wears a head scarf. instead of rattling in her jewellery box it made sense to turn them into pins.

the earrings are 21kt gold - not something you see often in the west. the higher the karat, the richer the gold is. i think we're so used to seeing 18kt and 14 kt, so this colour was particularly warm and vibrant to me, making the lower karats seem very watered down in comparison. and there was some exquisite filigree details in the piece, a technique i rarely see in person - i assume because it's so time consuming. filigree is an extremely detailed technique, it's very delicate and i'm afraid their beauty wasn't captured properly in my photos.

but i enjoyed working with gold again since i normally work in copper or sterling silver. it's a nice change. first i had to remove the earring hooks, then i created a stick pin and soldered it in place. once it was secure i bent it into its proper form and tumble polished the whole piece. 

Maha really liked how this one turned out and how it looks on. it's quite beautiful.

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