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teaching my first workshop

it's been a long time coming, but i've finally taught my first enameling workshop at Organic Metal Gallery this past weekend. we meant to schedule this two months ago but had many scheduling conflicts so it kept getting pushed back.

we all had a good time and got to play around with some new colours Robin ordered for the class. here's Leisa working with Victoria Red, a colour we all fell in love with and reminded us of ketchup chips in its powdered form.

Jose decided to make a pendant for his 7 year old niece that he's going to sew together at home. i'm pretty sure she's going to love it :)

and for his second project he made a curved piece inspired by my purple petal pendant. he almost didn't get the yellow on, but with a little encouragement  he finished just in the nick of time. no one wants to go home with a half finished piece!

you can really only learn by doing, and my students learned many of the things that can go wrong in the process of enameling through their projects - things that i've also learned myself.

but what's not fun about your piece repeatedly falling off the trivet after you've painstakingly placed your dry enamel on it? for example :p

in the end it doesn't matter though, there's nothing like  the joy of seeing your piece come out of the kiln finished and beautiful.

i should be running more weekend workshops in the near future, but i'd also really like to do a 6 week class for anyone interested. that way there will be ample time to experiment and learn more techniques. i'll be sure to keep everyone posted on my news page when i have the dates finalized.

have a good day readers!

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