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that which does not change

"this story is that of adult Jack,
a lost soul in a modern world,
seeking to discover amid the changing scenes of time
that which does not change:
the eternal scheme of which we are a part.
- Terrance Malick on The Tree of Life

it's almost funny how i really want to see this movie. but only because after watching the trailer you still don't really know what it's about. apparently its plot is shrouded in secrecy for now. but i'm drawn to it because the trailer seems so poetic - full of evocative language, sweeping landscapes, and an eye for the ephemeral.

i like the slowed down moments and gestures - the  emphasis  on the beauty of every day life. the cinematography is breathtaking -  so clear and vivid; i can only imagine what the rest of the film will be like.

i got more interested in the film after reading what the director said the movie was about (quoted at the beginning of this post).

i've always found the idea of that which does not change so intriguing. years ago i compiled a list of my favourite films, and looking back on them realized that many of them had something in common: they revealed the different paths that one could have taken in life and how that would have changed them.

while that is an interesting topic in itself, what resonates with me are those elements that are present no matter what path the person takes - things that are fated. i believe we all have agency, but i have to admit that i've always liked the romantic notion that some things are just meant to be.

there are too many ideas in my head right now, it's so hard to focus on one - my sketchbook is a whirlwind of thoughts.

stay tuned faithful readers...these thoughts will become tangible someday (soon, i hope!)

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