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hand drawn and hand sawn

i have totally been lacking on the blogging front lately. sorry readers! my days can be so hectic. i can be out from 8:30am - 11:30pm at times working. also, my photoshop isn't working on my laptop right now, so it's hard for me to edit lighting in photos. so aggravating. 

anyway, i really like these new lichen pendants i'm enameling, and i actually really enjoy sawing as well. so while these may look like too much sawing to some, it doesn't feel overwhelming to me at all. 

each one is hand drawn and hand sawn, so they're all one of a kind - the kind of work i like best :) 

i did add yellow transitions around the small circular areas...but i think i like the pieces more when they're one colour. we'll see what i feel like doing next time i'm in the studio.  

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