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new lichen pieces

even though my schedule has been super crazy, i've still managed to squeeze in some studio time.

i just came back from a two day trip to the states, but i found myself so glad to come home. this made me think that i probably can't live anywhere else in the world - i'd get too homesick and keep trying to get back.

after locking myself up in my room for a while, i came up with these lichen inspired sketches that made me really excited to get into the studio. 

i only managed to do work on this one yesterday before i taught my advanced jewellery class at Organic Metal Gallery, but for the others ones i definitely plan to play with scale and colour. 

i like big jewellery...what can i say?

i'm still working on this piece - my day was far too long, and i was dying to get home. i couldn't keep my eyes open on the bus. that's when you know you're overworking yourself. for this one, i plan to add transitions of a lichen green enamel coming down from the top.

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