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to do

sometimes my to do list saddens me a little. besides trying to keep myself sane by having a few leisurely moments each day my plate always seems very very full. it's gotten worse now because i'm in school. 

as of now until next week i have to:
study for 3 exams
finish the set up for some upper dentures
make a retainer
polish 3 acrylic plates for retainers
go to work on monday
go to classes from monday to friday
go to the studio on thursday
spot weld 2 space maintainers
finish 28 full page anatomically correct teeth drawings
prepare for a 10 minute presentation
drop off new jewellery for the devil's workshop
drop off commission work
pick up some findings for some pearl bracelets
do laundry

these are just the things i HAVE to do...not even the things i want to go to yoga, or watch Dexter, or visit my grandma. 


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