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wires, drawings, and doodles

i hate how i can't update this blog as much as i'd like to anymore, so please bear with me readers. but i'm learning so much. 

it's a great feeling of accomplishment to make something with your hands. i love that moment of completion, of seeing everything come together and be worth it in the end. i was so happy to finish my first retainer. the wires are 18/8 steel - and very stiff. to fit the requirements of a retainer with that kind of wire made me want to rip my hair out - it was hours and hours of work, something i'm sure you wouldn't have guessed. the wire has to touch - but not push on certain teeth, it has to be a millimetre raised above certain spaces, it has to sit just so, dip here, twist here, be angled here. very aggravating in the moment. but my classmates and i are getting better and faster all the time.

i kind of liked this drawing assignment -  drawing can be very soothing. we had to anatomically draw the teeth to scale as well as label all their anatomical features.  compared to my classmates i was lucky - we used to have 6 hour drawing classes at OCAD. but i always feel like i can improve on my drawing skills, so it was good practice.

though, i do draw before i make my jewellery, but not to that detail. this little pendant is from one of the doodles in my sketchbook.

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