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big bows and mouth guards

i still spend my thursdays at Organic Metal Gallery, and when i'm not working on my assignments, i sometimes teach the students who come in how to saw, polish, enamel, and solder. last week Cheryl was in the studio and really wanted to make this big bow necklace. when the enameling process works without problems, a lot can be accomplished in a short amount of time. unfortunately this was not one of those times. but she persevered, and in the end she had a nice 2 sided pendant - storm blue on one side, and lichen green on the other.

in my dental materials class we were learning how to make customized sport mouth guards. the 2nd year denturist students took impressions of our teeth and then we poured up molds to work from.

i'm always excited to learn how to make something new. and since i wear a night guard myself, this kind of thing is particularly relevant to me. my husband is already begging me to make him a sport mouth guard for when he's boxing - he's sick of the bulky ones you buy in the stores.

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