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Beauty in useful things

I feel like a lot of artists of my generation are having the same problem.
We are torn. Indecisive.
Unsure that what we are doing is worthwhile or beneficial.

By being an artist am I being selfish with my life?
Could my efforts be put towards something else?
Does what I do matter to anyone but myself?
Do others understand this need to create? 
What do my dreams and wants matter?

I love to make beautiful things, but there is beauty in useful things too.
I like Dental Technology because I feel like it merges practicality with my artistic nature.

I like the feeling that I can help someone, 
that I am making something useful and necessary.

There is art in it.

There is symmetry, subtlety, curves and textures.
There is the satisfying sound of something clicking right into place.

Trying to find balance is a hard thing to do.
It does not come about by accident, only by design.

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