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working on the shop

I've been off school for almost three weeks now, but my breaks are rarely real breaks. I'm one of those people that enjoy being fairly busy.

It's hard for me to be idle.

[faceted bronze necklace with sterling silver chain, limited edition, available in the shop now]

I'm excited to make some new cast work in silver, add some more textured aspects to my work. So I've been playing around with some wax at home until the studio is open again from the holidays.

And I've been busy taking photos of some of my jewellery, editing them and putting them up in my online shop. It's the most full my shop's ever been, and I'm looking forward to filling it up some more since I have a lot of pieces I should have in there.

Maintaining the shop is quite a bit of work, more than you'd think. I wish I had an assistant...

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