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ideas that i like to visit

I am inspired by so many things.

Some appear more frequently than others
and some are sitting on the sidelines for now.

Some things are more easily made into tangible things - aesthetic things.
Some are just ideas that I like to visit again and again.

 [Woven Enamel Necklace in Pastel Turquoise Enamel, available here]

When I first applied for art school, I didn't know that I would have to choose a major. I had this grand idea that I could just be an artist and do whatever art form I chose for four years.

I eventually chose jewellery but I still took classes in textiles, ceramics, woodshop, metalshop, furniture, and bookbinding.

[Scalloped Enamel Earrings in Grape Purple, available at Organic Metal Gallery and Etsy]

So it doesn't surprise me that my jewellery can be inspired by scalloped collars, or woven forms, or the colour of glazes.

I love the fragility of fabric, how it's held together by infinite numbers of tiny threads, as well as the strength and durability of metal. I think it's something I need to explore some more.

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