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the messier side of cloisonne

i've shown you all this piece before but i think the process shots were a little too clean. i actually enjoy taking process shots of my work - something i started to do in my thesis year at OCAD for documentation purposes.

i find it interesting to see the pitfalls, and what actually happens on a journey of a piece before it's all cleaned, polished, and put on display. i like to see it grow and change - it's always more complicated than it seems.

in between firing the layers of enamel, there tends to be a lot of cracking before the silver wires are securely embedded in the base enamel. fairly often, the silver pieces fall off and have to be repositioned.

here's the application of the wet enamel into the "pockets."

with more layers, the cracks eventually stop forming. and after some grinding and cleaning it will look like this picture here.

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